About Us

Kirkwork LLC is a technology company with a focus on delivering custom software solutions for small and medium businesses. With over a decade of experience and a diverse software development background, we have the tools to help you or your company meet your needs and drive success to the next level. Located in Syracuse, New York we embrace the sun and the snow (even if the sun is only for two months out of the year!).
We got this.

We do everything hands-on and in-house. No outsourcing here. We build our project from start to finish. This helps us control costs, maintain the utmost quality, and stay on track with deliverables. We specialize in the nitty-gritty: the code and the data behind it. Not sure what that means? No worries, you don’t have to. We will guide you through the process and deliver solutions that empower you and your business.

Mobile Application Development

Smart phones are now fully integrated into our busy lives, and they are essential for day to day business functions. Do you have a need or an idea for an application that will make life easier, drive business, or differentiate you from the competition? We specialize in native development for iOS and Android, and would love the opportunity to create your application.

We use proven software development principles

Agile and scrum are employed to get you the product that you want as fast as possible.  Incomplete or changing requirements do not hold up our efforts, we adapt and overcome!

What we do

SOFTWAREWe are well versed in the following languages: C#, Objective-C, Java
DATABASESWe do data: SQL, Sybase, MySQL, even Multi-Value (PICK)!
SYSTEM INTEGRATIONWe get systems to talk: Web Services, APIs, Background services
MOBILE APP DEVWe specialize in native iOS and Android development
PROBLEM SOLVINGWe help bring new ideas and innovative solutions to tough problems.
STREAMLINEWe analyze procedures and simplify them by incorporating technology

What we don’t do

DRAMAsave the drama for your mama
office politicsPolitics have their place, just not in the office.
magicAbracadabra... poof!! Problem Solved! We wish.
toot our own hornstay humble and get the job done
waste your timeyour time is extremely valuable, we get that
give you a lemonwe work hard to give you what you want and need, nothing else

Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

-Dr. Seuss


ave you ever had an awesome idea that came to you in your sleep? Or while you were on the treadmill? Or while taking the dog for a walk?  Is that idea for an app, or a way to streamline a process at work?  Would it make your life easier or better in any way?

That is where our passion lies: making people’s lives easier through technology.  Contact us below to let the brainstorming begin.

Meet Our Team

  • Peter Kirk
    Peter KirkPrincipal/Owner

    Peter has a diverse background in software development, and has recently been focused on mobile application development for both iOS and Android. Peter has a BS in Computer Engineering from Villanova University.

    When not at his computer Peter enjoys spending quality time with his family, trying to stay young and in shape, and working on his carpentry skills

  • Syracuse Technologies
    Syracuse TechnologiesStrategic Partner

    Syracuse Technologies LLC specializes in providing affordable technology solutions to small businesses throughout Central New York.  We focus on efficiency and security within organizations while expanding visibility to customers.

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